Haiga Poets’ Pages

A haiga team of Ed Grossmith and Carolyn Fitz have worked with the leadership of YTHS to develop a new opportunity for members to publish haiga on this website.  YTHS members are invited to submit up to seven of their haiga they would like to share on this website, following the YTHS Haiga Guidelines.

Each member may submit a maximum of seven haiga. Submissions to youngleaves.org are requested to be in digital form by email to the web minder, David Sherertz (ddsherertz@gmail.com). JPEG files are preferred. A digital photograph of flat art work is acceptable. (Email of a photograph from a smart phone or tablet can be convenient method for submission.)

For ‘non-digital’ members’ haiga, submit art work (with a stamped self-addressed envelope, if you wish the artwork to be returned) to the web minder:

David Sherertz
2236 Grant Street
Berkeley, CA 94703

YTHS haiga artists create some of the most interesting English language haiga published yearly. Follow the links below to the personal pages for these YTHS artists: