Selected Links to Haiku and Haiku-Related Websites

Haiku and Allied Sites

Japanese Haiku Topical Dictionary An English translation of a Japanese saijiki, or season word dictionary.  It features full descriptions of a number of important Japanese kigo, or season words.
AHA Poetry Gateway to a wonderful world of haiku and other poetry. Established by the late Jane and Werner Reichhold.
Shiki’s Salon A vnerable Japanese website in English, recently revived.
Haiku & Co. A collection of haiku in many languages with French translations.  Conducted by André Duhaime.
Haiku World A personal view of the world of haiku.
Haiku Foundation A site to preserve and archive the accomplishments of the first century of haiku in English.
Haiku Spirit A site for English and French haiku sharing.  Conducted by Gille Fabre.
Haiku of Kobayashi Issa A compendium of appreciation and translations of Issa’s haiku. Conducted by David Lanoe.
see haiku here A digital haiga gallery.  Art and conducted by Kuniharu Shimizu.
marlene mountain “The chaoscoswommos of all one-line haiku sites”. Her own work.
Haiku Poets Hut A variety of haiku and related entries. Conducted by soji.
Dhugal J. Lindsay’s Haiku Universe Haiku insights by an Australian paticipating in the Japanese haiku world.
Modern Japanese Haiku From Cage of Fireflies, English translations by Lucien Stryk of  modern, not contemporary, Japanese haiku.
A Hidden Pond An anthology of 20th century Japanese haiku edited by Koko Kato and translated by Koko Kato and David Burleigh. The web version is not the same as the wonderful printed book with the same title.
Simply Haiku A quarterly journal,with offerings in the English genres of haiku, senryu, haibun, tanka, renku and haiga.
Haiga Online A site for haiga, with elaborate graphic and audio effects.

Haiku Societies

Boston Haiku Society
British Haiku Society
Haiku Canada
Haiku Society of America
Haiku Poets of Northern California
New Zealand Poetry Society
North Carolina Haiku Society
World Haiku Club

Haiku Web Journals and Publishers’ Sites

LYNX A Journal for Linking Poets Archives of a discontinued online journal dealing with renku and other linked verse, often with articles and book reviews and other content of great interest to haiku poets.
Brooks Books Publisher of highly regarded haiku collections and Mayfly.  Handsome online collections of haiku and photos by several poets.
The Heron’s Nest A well-regarded continuing online journal, edited by Christopher Herold.  Print copies are also available.

Literature, Art, Cultural and Miscellaneous Sites

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco A premiere museum of Asian Art.  Has Buson paintings in its collection.
Japanese Esthetics A valuable description of Japanese esthetic concepts that may be used in discussing haiku, such as  Mono no awareWabiSabi, Yūgen, and Kire.
International Association of Japanese Gardens The link name says it.
Michi Online “Journal of Japanese Cultural Arts”, with a number of insightful articles concerning Japanese arts, including applied and fine arts, and martial arts.
NichiBei Bussan Dept. Store Online Source of Japanese goods and craft materials.
jlit Japanese literature resources.
The Thinker Image Base Large collection of art images, including an extensive collection of Japanese woodblock prints.
Ukiyo-e, Pictures of the Floating World Online resources for Japanese woodblock prints and images.
Figures of Speech Tables Congeries, anyone?  Or litotes; your serve.  More figures than anyone can remember.

Organizations, Websites and Journals of Interest to Haiku Poetry Beginners in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas



Activity/work Journal Website
Yuki Teikei Haiku Society Meets monthly in San Jose or the coast; Annual Asilomar Retreat GEPPO – Quarterly newsletter/journal plus an annual anthology
Haiku Poets of Northern California Quarterly meetings in San Francisco Mariposa – biannual journal
Haiku Society of America Usually one meeting in CA/year Frogpond – 2 to 3/year
Acorn Bay area edited journal with helpful editor biannual journal
Heron’s Nest print and web journal quarterly
Modern Haiku print journal with web samples quarterly
The Haiku Foundation encyclopedic coverage of haiku web
Clark Strand Seeds from a Birch Tree haiku and Buddhism
William J. Higginson The Haiku Handbook introduction to haiku
William J. Higginson The Haiku Seasons and Haiku World on nature in Haiku



Patrick Gallagher, October 2016


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