Dyana Basist

chasing the wind
through a hole in the fence
a jackrabbit

he winds her obi
in the teahouse parking lot
the scent of lilacs
spring wind
through the jacaranda
the swish of her skirt
summer car wash
the toddler soaping
her belly first
skipping stones
with my grown-up son
river of stars
all day I watch
that one-winged crow
summer sky
across the meadow
a moon-lit skunk
waiting in the madrone
for the hunger moon
a fox barks, barks
early morning
rustling the bed of leaves
a homeless woman
frost on scat—
where are we going
this time, coyote?

All poems copyright by Dyana Basist. They may not be used for any purpose without explicit permission.

These poems have been published individually in Yuki Teikei GEPPO, Haiku Society of America Anthology, Write Like Issa by David G. Lanoue and Coyote Wind by Dyana Basist elikpress.com