J. Zimmerman

Munitions worker
staggering home from the pub —
dark billowing cloud
Bright Live-Forever
on the golden shore
boys digging sand palaces
Elkhorn Slough maze
branching through pickleweed
the lost kayakers
First day of autumn
noticing her friend’s new
Waiting for moonrise
the man on the yellow cart
whistles Puccini
Family quarrel
the breakfast tartness
of fresh quince jam
Whiz of a snowball
suddenly every child
looks angelic
Snow on the peaks
lasts almost till noon
this fast-paced life
Blue unicycle
riding by New Year’s morning
balanced … unbalanced
Spring morning
doing something new
with pink scarves

All poems copyright by the author. They are not for any use without explicit permission. A number of these poems have been published in GEPPO, various anthologies of YTHS, and Heron’s Nest. “Munitions worker” was awarded Second Prize in the 2011 YTHS Tokutomi Memorial Haiku Contest. “Blue unicycle” was awarded Honorable Mention in the 2007 YTHS Tokutomi Memorial Haiku Contest.