Kiyoshi Tokutomi

Spring melancholy
I try to toss a pebble
to the other shore
Well-manicured girl
selling cherries at the stand
with wordless father
Shadow of willow
softly touches a carp’s fin
summer afternoon
In the scorching sun
gleam perpendicularly
the insulators
A bit of sourness
reminds me of my first love,
strawberry milkshake
On the summer lake
shadows piling on shadows
as evening deepens
The winter raindrops
shut out of the beach cottage
strike at the window
The snow falling night
eyes to eyes with a black cat
a breathless moment
Up, up heavenward
riding its own melody
the unseen skylark
A small cherry tree
just transplanted—already
casting its shadow
All poems copyright by the estate of Kiyoshi Tokutomi. They may not be used for any purpose without explicit permission.
 These haiku were originally published in Young Leaves, Yuki Teikei Haiku Society’s 25th Anniversary Members’ Anthology, San Jose, CA, 2000