Patricia J. Machmiller

the merry-go-round
starts up with a long shudder –
beginning of spring
wind chimes in a calm –
the pensive listening to
the sound of no sound
drift of white silk
whiter in summer moonlight
whiter than a vow
wood piling –
a night heron lifts off
changing the darkness
like a childhood thought
the dragonfly’s zigzag through
purple river stones
in the fairytale
there is always a stranger –
autumn loneliness
I hear Shikibu
among whispering redwoods –
on good days she weeps
the last snowflake falls
onto the blue spruce forest –
quiet to quiet
in the hearth flames
separate like their separate dreams
yet like the fire, whole
the puppet’s master
hidden in the shifting light
old year turns to new

All poems copyright by Patricia J. Machmiller. They may not be used for any purpose without explicit permission.

Some of these poems have been published in Modern Haiku, Yuki Teikei Member Anthologies, The San Francisco Haiku Anthology, Haiku International, Mariposa, and One Hundred Gourds by Two Autumns Press.

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