Patrick Gallagher

flute music
from the temple
we cannot enter
winter waves
bringing fresh moonstones
to the beach
first meeting you
a flight of balloons
above the summer river
moon viewing
wine from Slovenia
fills my cup
a bench in shade
old folks plotting
their next moves
no comet just the plain stars tonight
stream of ants
running madly
in both directions
knowing I get off
at the last stop
Veterans Day
a parade with more marchers
than viewers
just before dawn
one last ornament
all the difference
All poems copyright by Patrick Gallagher. They may not be used for any purpose without explicit permission.
A number of these poems have been published in Mariposa, Raw Nervz, and the Two Autumns Press publications A Path to the Sea and If I Met Basho.

3 thoughts on “Patrick Gallagher

    • A haiku is 5-7-5 syllables, shuold include a season-word’, and the third line shuold act as a counterpoint to the first two.Your second line is 8 syllables (if I’m counting right), and there is (of course) no seasonal word but I really love the turn of events the third line describes. It makes me a bit sad and melancholy, like all good haiku.

    • Rashir, are you speaking about a poem in Patrick Gallagher’s set? I find no second line with eight syllables . . . English language haiku continue to respect the 5-7-5 structure, and the use of kigo; every year haiku of real accomplishment are written with these features. However, English language haiku over the past fifty years has also developed a resilient and adaptable poetics that results in poems having widely diverse rhythms, structures, and imagery that does not always include kigo, but other, highly-associative phrases and single words that evoke meaning beyond the scope of the traditional kigo of Japan.

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